The 2013 Holiday Project

Each of these families was touched by the 2013 Holiday Project.  Through the efforts of volunteers, community partners, and individual donors, GiFT was able to provide 5 special NICU families with a Christmas that would not have otherwise been possible!  On behalf of the families that we serve and many dedicated supporters, THANK YOU, to all who make this project possible.


We were born at 29 weeks gestation in October at St. Mary's Hospital.  Baby Brother weighed 3 pounds 5 ounces, and Baby Sister weighed 2 pounds 10 ounces. Right after we were born, we were sent to the NICU to be evaluated for premature lung development, which meant we would both need support to help us breath. During the evaluation, Baby Sister developed Pneumothorax which meant she was going to need a breathing tube and ventilator. Baby Brother was breathing on his own, but needed support from a bubble c-pap machine to help his lungs.  Our Mom's biggest wish is that we are strong enough to be home for Christmas.


Before I was born, the doctors told Mom that my kidneys wouldn't work.  I've been in the NICU for over a month and now they say I will have to do a special procedure called dialysis to help them.  I'm small because I was born about a month early but I'm growing, I weigh 5 lbs & 10 oz now.  I think I'll have to stay in the hospital for awhile but I'm strong and my Mom visits me every day.  The rest of our family lives over 100 miles away and we miss them very much.


My heart doesn’t work like everyone else's and I have a malformation in my brain.  I'm 4 months old and have had 7 surgeries; I've had pneumonia and infections. The doctors and nurses are taking good care of me in the NICU but I was very sick about a month ago.  I'm feeling better these days and Mom loves to see me smiling and laughing.  Mom stays at the Ronald McDonald House so she can visit me every day but the rest of our family lives 300 miles away, we miss them very much.

Holiday Project Family #21

We were born 4 months early and only weighed about 1 pound each.  We both needed a ventilator to help us breath at first, but now, we can breath on our own.  We are 3 months old now and we're getting bigger and stronger every day in the NICU; we each weigh about 4 pounds.  We have 2 big brothers and 1 big sisters who can't wait for us to come home.  Our Mom would love it if we came home for Christmas!

Holiday Project Family #22

We look like twins but we are triplets, we were born too early and our sister didn’t make it.  We have a big brother and a big sister who love us and miss us very much.  We are trying to get big and strong so we can go home and live with everyone, our family lives far away and misses us very much.