She's Finally HOME! Holiday Project Family 49

I am finally HOME, discharged from the NICU after 4 months, on 1/4 liter of oxygen and a monitor. So far, I'm doing really great, I've gained an entire pound in 2 weeks time and now I weigh 8lbs 9oz! My Mom is so proud! I was supposed to go home before Christmas but had a terrible fight with RSV, then staphylococcal pneumonia, then sepsis. Christmas was really difficult for my family but I used all my strength I FOUGHT my way to pull through. The staff in the NICU began to call me The Miracle Baby!

My Mom said, "I just want to thank you again for all of your kindness, support, and prayers.  I really believe that God surrounded us with angels such as yourself to help us get through the last few months!"



I was born at 27 weeks gestation weighing 1# 9 oz. I saw Mom for only a few minutes before being rushed to the NICU. I had a breathing tube and was too sick to be held at first. One of the best days of my life was when I was 2 weeks old and snuggled Mom for the first time. I’ve been in the NICU for 2 months and have had setbacks but I am STRONG and feisty! I’m recovering from pneumonia and getting oxygen from a CPAP machine. I’m growing and improving every day. Now, I weigh 4# 4 oz and am learning how to eat from a bottle. My Christmas wish is to be home with my Mom & my big sister.