GiFT twins turn 5!!

We spent the first three months of our lives in the NICU. We're turning 5 soon and we love being part of the GiFT family :)

We are growing up!

Here are a few highlights from GiFT's exclusive photo shoot with Destination Home Family #2 in February of 2013!  These girls are making lots of progress.

"I learned how to walk!  Mom says I can help my sister learn to walk too, as soon as she gets her leg brace.   I can't wait until we're running around together!"

Meet the Twins

August 9, 2011: Hi! We’re twin sisters and we were born 3 1/2 months early!  We’ve been on 2 ambulance rides together and get to share a room at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.  Since we were born so early, our lungs are not fully developed.  We’ve been breathing on our own some but right now we need a special machine that helps us; the doctors say it’s normal to need help with our breathing at our age; so we are just trying to get bigger.  Even though we each weigh almost 3 pounds, our Mom says we need to grow some more before coming home.