Growing up and making strides

I am 7 years old and the most amazing boy! I am keeping up with my peers physically and often surpass kids my age in reading and math. Despite a recent diagnosis of ADHD, I was selected to be evaluated for the gifted education program at school! I love being a big brother, playing outside, and hanging out with my family.

Guess who just turned 2?

This guy!   

Turning two must be the easiest thing you've had to do,
I just blinked my eyes, and it happened to you.
Seems like the days just go speeding right by,
Why, you'll probably turn three in the wink of an eye.
So let's take time to celebrate your birthday today,
And cherish this moment before it slips fast away.

-Author Unknown


Check out my specks!

Do you like my new glasses?  Mom says I'm a fast learner.  Now that I can see things better, I'm going to learn even more.  I can sign 20 words and say uh-oh & mama.  I'll be two in March and keep hitting my major miles stones!  I weigh 25 lbs and am 30 inches tall.  I had surgery last Friday but you can't even tell, I surprised my parents by making a super speedy recovery!  The doctors think maybe they'll take out my trach this year!

Very strong indeed!

I had another surgery a couple of weeks ago and stayed in the hospital for awhile.  Since I'm big and strong now, I'm doing much better with recovery. I'm home with my family healing and getting lots of love.  The doctor said I might be able to have my trach out soon!

I'm so strong.

I'm so strong.

Back in the hospital


October, 2012:  I’m growing up and LOVE to eat, gained 12 pounds since I was born!  My Mom’s glad that I’ve gotten so big and strong because I need to have a few more operations on my airway :(  So far, I’ve had one and am back in the hospital.  The doctors & nurses take good care of me here but I want to go home soon!

Growing Strong

Photo1 (1).jpg

May 4, 2013:  I had surgery on my eyes last week and went back on a breathing machine for awhile, I’m feeling better now but am still fighting an infection.  The good news is that I’m up to 4 pounds now & I’m starting to have my feedings again.      

Meet Destination Home Family 5

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May 4, 2012:  Here I am inside my isolette at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, patiently waiting until the day I’m ready to go home with my family.  When I was born, I had some heart troubles, breathing problems, and  I only weighed 1lb, 8oz.  I’m doing a lot better now & already weigh 3lb 11oz but Mom says I’ve got to grow up some more before I can leave. I’ll be concentrating on getting bigger!