Meet Destination Home Family 74

"I was born 4 weeks early weighing 5lbs, 1 oz. I've had problems with my kidneys that've caused me to spend my entire life in the hospital. I'm 6 months old now and my Mom & I are learning about all the special equipment and machines that I'll need when I go home. I have to have dialysis for 14 hours every day, that means that I must be connected to a machine by tubing. Im learning how to use a bottle but still get some nutrition from a feeding tube. It's hard to be attached to machines all the time but I'm still a happy girl! I love to smile and play and listen to people talk. I love spending time with my Mom and I cannot wait for the day when we can be together all the time at HOME!"

Meet Destination Home Family 44

I was born at 25 weeks old, weighing 1 pound 4 ounces. Because of my weight and my upper respiratory problems I was admitted into the NICU. Since I have been here, I have learned how to breathe on my own. My mom says I am doing a really good job at taking the bottle but sometimes I need a little help from my feeding tube. She has already started calling me her little diva because I do what I want; she says I get that type of attitude from my dad. I’ll have to stay in the NICU a little bit longer before I can go home with my family, so for now I’ll just keep getting stronger and stronger!

Meet Destination Home Family 41

When I took my first breath, I remember being wheeled in a box to a room where I first saw my Dad. I was born at 30 weeks and had a rough time breathing. I weighted 3 pounds 11 ounces. I had a breathing tube and a feeding tube in my mouth. I didn't get to see my Mom until a few days later because she needed to heal from surgery. I'm almost 4 weeks old and only need a little bit of oxygen until my lungs are strong enough. I'm in a crib now and get to look around more. Mom and Dad come to see me and home me everyday. I now weigh 4 pounds, 12 ounces and will be able to eat form a bottle soon. I'm always looking at Mom & Dan and smiling when they give me kisses and show me they love me.

Meet Destination Home Family 38

My mommy had me at 26 weeks gestation by emergency C-Section. Since the day I was born in December I have been in the NICU. When I was transferred to the NICU, I had two blood transfusions and was receiving some help from a breathing tube and a feeding tube. After a while I realized I was strong enough to breath on my own so one day I pulled my breathing tube right out to prove to everyone else I could do it! Since then I continue to breath on my own, and I’m also gaining some weight. I’ve got to keep growing and learn how to eat on my own before I’m ready to go home with Mom and Dad.

Meet Destination Home Family 39

When I was born, I was only 26 weeks old.  Being born that early you could imagine that I wouldn’t weigh that much. Well, I was 1 pound 15 ounces. I didn’t get to see my mommy for one whole day because she had to heal a little before coming to see me.  Thank goodness I wasn’t alone, my daddy’s face was the first I saw and he never left my side. My journey started off rough, I couldn’t gain weight; I had jaundice and I had tubes going into all parts of my body.  With the love and support of my parents and family I have slowly gotten better.  I am now 34 weeks old and I can drink from a bottle; I don’t need oxygen to help me breathe; I’m 4 pounds and 3 ounces and as adorable as I can be! All I need to do now is gain a little more weight and I will be ready to go home with my parents. That will be a happy day for all of us!

Meet Destination Home Family #35

Hello! I'm 6 months old & have spent my entire life in the NICU. My birthday was a really difficult day and I was so sick at the beginning that my Mom didn't get to hold me until I was 3 months old. Now we get to snuggle all the time :) I have a special tube in my airway that helps me breath and a feeding tube that ensures that I get all my nutrition.  I'm so glad that I'll be going home from the hospital soon!

Meet Destination Home Family #20

I was born 15 weeks early and only weighed 1 pound, 11 ounces. I've grown a lot since then and weigh 3 pounds 10 ounces now. I no longer need a machine to help me breath but I still need oxygen. I'm working on my breathing and eating so I can go home to be with my family.

Meet Destination Home Family 17

I was born on New Year's Day, 11 weeks early and weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces. The first few weeks of my life have been scary for me and my family. I had bleeding in my brain but the doctors say that it's getting better and so am I :)  I've been growing, I'm up to 3 and a half pounds. My big brothers, sister, and Mom & Dad can't wait for me to get home. I have to get bigger and stronger first so I'll stay in the NICU a little while longer.

Meet Destination Home Family 16

I was born four months early and only weighed 1 pound 3 oz back then.  Now, I'm almost 3 months old and weigh 3 pounds 11 oz.  I have been through a lot in my life.  I was very, very sick and almost didn't make it.  I've had surgery on my back and I still have a lot to overcome before I'm ready to go home from the NICU.  My Mom and two big sisters love me very much and can't wait to bring me home.

Meet Destination Home Family #15

Our family was not expecting to have THREE babies at one time and they sure weren't expecting us to be born so early!  Our Mom had been resting in bed since January hoping that we could stay inside until May but we were ready to come into the world in March.  When we were born, we all weighed about 1.5 pounds and needed special machines to help us breath.  Now, we are growing and our lungs are maturing; each of us weighs more than 2.5 pounds!  We will stay in the NICU until we're big enough and strong enough to go home.  Until then, the nurses and doctors are taking good care of us.  Since Mom is the only one who can tell us apart, she's here with us all the time.

Meet Lillian. Destination Home Family 14

I was born 4 months too early weighing 1 pound, 1 ounce and my lungs didn't have a chance to fully develop.  I'm 2 months old now and have needed a ventilator to help me breath my whole life.  My doctors say that my lungs were damaged by pneumonia and that I'm very sick, but I am strong and I keep fighting everyday.  Mom, Dad, and my 3 big brothers are always there for me but our house had a fire and things have been very hard for them too.  Everyone was safe from the fire but everything in our home was lost.  Lucky for us, we still have love, and faith, and hope, and each other.  I'll have to stay in the NICU for awhile longer and my family will not be able to move back home for couple of months.  My family and I are asking for prayers.

Meet Destination Home Family 12

Our parents were not expecting us until August, but we decided to come into the world in May!  We're both on machines that help us breath.  Mommy's milk comes to us through a special tube that goes into our bellies.  Right now, only Mom, nurses, and doctors are allowed to touch us because we like things to be very quiet in the isolette.  We've got a lot of growing to do before we're ready to go home.

Baby Sister, one pound at birth

Baby Sister, one pound at birth

Baby Brother, one & 1/2 pounds at birth

Baby Brother, one & 1/2 pounds at birth

Meet Destination Home Family 10

I surprised my Mom and was born 16 weeks home!  I was rushed to a hospital close to home and stayed there for 2 months.  When I needed to have emergency surgery, I came to St. Louis Children's Hospital and lived in the NICU for anther 3 months.  I had a big operation on my belly, overcame an infection in my blood, and beat pneumonia.  I'm healthier now and am happy to be going home with my family!