Growing up and making strides

I am 7 years old and the most amazing boy! I am keeping up with my peers physically and often surpass kids my age in reading and math. Despite a recent diagnosis of ADHD, I was selected to be evaluated for the gifted education program at school! I love being a big brother, playing outside, and hanging out with my family.

I love long talks with Dad....

Destination Home Family 17

I weigh 6 pounds, 6 ounces now. I'm learning how to breast feed and eat from a bottle but it's exhausting. Sometimes I get my milk through a special tube. The nurses say I'm doing great and won't need the tube much longer. I'm still using a little oxygen and pretty soon, I won't need it at all.  I love long talks with Dad, snuggle time with Mom, and my burrito wrapper blankets. I think I'm going home soon and can NOT wait!

I'm HOME and loving it!!!!!!!

I celebrated my first Birthday in the hospital then FINALLY got to go home with my family when I was about 13 months old. Things are really different at home and so much better! I get to be closer to my big brothers and Mom & Dad all the time now. I keep getting bigger and stronger, I weigh 20 pounds and am 23 inches tall. Can you believe I only weighed 1 pound, 1 ounce when I was born? I've been through a lot and know that I'm loved and special :)

Gearing up for home...

In one month, I'll celebrate my first birthday and the medical team is finally talking about sending me HOME! Mom, Dad, my big brothers, and my whole family are so excited! 

I'll be taking a ventilator home with me but my lungs are getting better and stronger everyday. The ventilator setting are low and I can breath on my own for 8 hours a day. 

I'm getting bigger everyday, I weigh 18.5 pounds, and I love to smile :)

Mom & Dad are hard at work getting my room ready at home, I can't wait!

I've come a mighty long way!

I'm now 3 years old and have started preschool this year. I still have my G-Tube but am working on my nutrition so one day it can be removed. My mom says she's so proud of me. I've come a mighty long way!! I enjoy singing my ABC's & other children songs. I know all my shapes and colors and even can count backwards!! My Mom said your organization has touched so many lives including ours. We will be forever grateful!! Love you guys.