GiFT is thrilled to announce that the employees of the West County Mall California Pizza Kitchen have decided to create their own Holiday Project! They’re focusing their efforts on collecting items for THIS family.  Thank you for getting involved with this project!

Wish List Baby Boy C


Nursery Theme: Baseball


  • outlet covers
  • safety latches

Bath Time

  • Aveno bath products
  • hooded towels
  • Aquaphor


  • diaper size 2-3
  • wipes

Clothes: size 6-12mo

  • sleepers that button up the front
  • hats (large size)
  • socks                      


  • soothie pacifier
  • bottles/nipples       


  • swing for big baby
  • books


  • thermometer
  • bulb suction
  • first aid kit
  • stroller that will accommodate and oxygen tank

A: 3 year old girl

Her favorite colors are green, pink, and purple.  She loves playing with dinosaurs, trains, farm animal toys.

  • coat: size 4-5
  • shirt: size 4-5
  • pants: size 4 tall or 5
  • underwear
  • socks
  • pull-ups: size 4-5


  • area rug for crawling baby
  • household cleaning products
  • Aldi’s gift card
  • Walgreens gift card
  • Conoco or KC’s gift card
  • The family’s appliances were taken out in an electrical surge, they need a new stove/oven and refrigerator.