In 2005, GiFT’s Founder, Jennifer Krassinger, decided to "adopt" a family in need for Christmas. A Registered Nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Saint Louis, MO at the time, she contacted the social worker to see if there was a family that needed some extra help getting Christmas gifts for their kids. Jennifer then recruited family and friends to help with this holiday project and gave the small family a wonderful Christmas. 

This effort instantly became a family tradition and was knows as The Holiday Project. Support for the Holiday Project grew each year as more and more people became involved. In 2010, the Holiday Project support surged to an all time high. This is the point when Jennifer realized the momentum was building around the efforts to support families in the NICU. Knowing that there are more families in the NICU who could benefit from additional support, GIFT was launched and our Destination Home program began providing infant care essentials throughout the calendar year for NICU families preparing to bring their babies home.

Jennifer Krassinger

GiFT became incorporated in the state of Missouri and obtained 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 2011. Since then, GiFT has developed two additional programs, GiFT Gets You There and GiFT Remembers, based on the specific needs of NICU families.


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