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I was born early at just 26 week gestation. I've been in the NICU since October and I'll need to stay awhile longer so I can learn how to eat and keep my temperatures up. I weigh 2 pounds now and have more growing to do here too. My doctors said that I'm breathing well on my own and that I am strong for my age. My big brothers and sister can't wait until I'm home!

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I was born a little early weighing 4lb 13 oz. and had a short stay in NICU. I'm getting bigger and stronger every day at home. I'm learning how to walk and am right on track for my development!

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My birthday was traumatic because my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. This blocked blood flow and my brain was injured due to lack of oxygen. I was very sick and have been recovering in the NICU since October. I've been through a lot. I'm still learning about feedings, working on my therapies, and growing big and strong so I can come home to be with my family.

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