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My birthday was traumatic, I was born early at 31 weeks gestation and needed a breathing tube when I was just 38 minutes old. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with my breathing and spent 54 days in the NICU. I’ve always been a good eater and I’m growing big and strong at home. I now weigh over 6 pounds and am so happy to be home surrounded by my big and loving family!

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I was born at 36 weeks gestation. I had jaundice and was on a CPAP machine for a few days. I'm still in the NICU, growing and learning how to feed from a bottle. I am getting better and stronger every day and now weigh 10.8 lbs! Mom, Dad, and my big brother can’t wait for me to come home. Everyone hopes I'll be released in time to celebrate Christmas with my family.

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When my Mom was pregnant, she was told about my rare condition and they thought I would not survive. When I was born with Trisomy 18, my family was determined to bring me home from the NICU. I weighed 3 pounds 11 oz and was 16 in long at birth. I stayed in the NICU for 48 days. I have a defect on my heart but it has balanced itself out perfectly. My family lives a long way from the medical center and I'm so happy to be here with them, getting lots of love and snuggles. I'm still learning how to take a bottle and am working on all my therapies. I'm thriving at home and weigh 6 pounds 2 oz now!!

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