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DH12 Full Story

I'm 9 1/2 months old now and getting stronger and bigger everyday!  I still need the ventilator and trach to help with my breathing but I love living at home with my family.  We think about baby sister everyday, I miss her so much.

A whole lot has changed in the last few months.  I came home from the hospital back in November but my sister wasn't able to, she was too sick.  I'm growing and getting stronger everyday but my heart is broken because my sister passed away.  She was the best friend I ever had and I miss her so much.  My family misses her too, we remember her everyday.  

We don't need machines to help us breath anymore so now we can hang out and hold hands sometimes.  We're looking forward to the day we can go home to be with our family.

"My family and I thank you and your team for being there in a time of need and sending a great GIFT team with hearts filled with lots of LOVE!" 

Here we are without our breathing tubes!  Baby sister had to have her's back in but she is still growing, almost up to 4 pounds.  Baby brother almost weighs 5 pounds, he's going to learn how to eat from a bottle soon.  We hope we can go home next month!

Since we were born, baby sister has gained 2 pounds, 8 ounces.  She is very smiley and looking cute in her green shirt here!  Baby brother has gained 3 pounds but had to have his breathing tube back in.  We are doing well, the doctors are going to try to take these breathing tubes out again.

Baby brother is doing so well that he got to have his breathing tube out.  We are both growing but have our feedings through a special tube.

Our parents were not expecting us until August, but we decided to come into the world in May!  We're both on machines that help us breath.  Mommy's milk comes to us through a special tube that goes into our bellies.  Right now, only Mom, nurses, and doctors are allowed to touch us because we like things to be very quiet in the isolette.  We've got a lot of growing to do before we're ready to go home.

Baby Brother, one & 1/2 pounds at birth
Baby Sister, one pound at birth

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