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DH15 Full Story

March 10, 2015

We turned 1 year old! GiFT was honored to have been a part of the celebration. We can't wait to see more.

We are the 3 sweetest girls around town and have been growing like crazy since we've been home from the NICU! We're all trying to stay healthy throughout the cold and flu season. Here we are just before Christmas 2014.

I was the second one born but the first to go home, that's me with the bow on my hat :).  I weigh 7 pounds and LOVE being home with Mom and Dad.  My sisters have to stay in the hospital a little longer and it's hard for our family to be apart.  My older sister still needs oxygen and my younger sister is having some trouble with her blood pressure.  I miss them so much and can't wait until the day we are all together again.

No more breathing tubes and no more incubators for us.  We are all needing a little oxygen but the heavy duty breathing machines are gone!  We are all three learning how to eat with a bottle and making progress.  The biggest sister weighs 5 pounds, 2 ounces and she will get to go home from the NICU first.  Then, the 2nd biggest sister weighing 4 pounds, 8 oz will be heading home too.  The smallest baby girl, weighing 4 pounds, will have to wean her oxygen more before she's ready for home.  Mom & Dad are very busy these days getting everything ready for the three of us.

Our family was not expecting to have THREE babies at one time and they sure weren't expecting us to be born so early!  Our Mom had been resting in bed since January hoping that we could stay inside until May but we were ready to come into the world in March.  When we were born, we all weighed about 1.5 pounds and needed special machines to help us breath.  Now, we are growing and our lungs are maturing; each of us weighs more than 2.5 pounds!  We will stay in the NICU until we're big enough and strong enough to go home.  Until then, the nurses and doctors are taking good care of us.  Since Mom is the only one who can tell us apart, she's here with us all the time.

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