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DH9 Full Story

Guess who turns three this month? These three! 

We are all on target or advanced in all areas of development! Everyone is doing great! 

These adorable triplets are 2 and a half years old this summer and they're doing great!

At 18 months, Mom says we are awesome!  Baby sister still deals with some belly issues so she’s a bit smaller but we are ALL growing great, walking, running, talking, happy, and healthy :) 

We're all doing great!  I'm the baby sister, smaller than my brothers at 13 pounds but we are all healthy, growing and learning how to talk.   My biggest brother weighs 17 pounds and likes to say "Wheee, Daddy, Blah."  My brother on the right weighs 15 pounds and Mommy loves it when he says "Mama."

Our family said this about GiFT:  "What you provided was far more that material- you gave our family the peace of knowing that our babies immediate needs would be met"

I'm the sister and the smallest baby (at 9 lbs, 3 oz) so I get tell you more about my family.  

It was hard being separated from my brothers when we were in the NICU.  Now we are 4 months old and finally together again at HOME!  One of my brothers has stridor but it's getting better every day.  Both of my brothers weigh over 11 pounds now.  Since my belly got all fixed up with one more operation, I plan on catching up with them soon.

January, 2013:  I’m still living in the NICU.  I've had some trouble with getting milk in my lungs when I eat.   The surgeons said I need to grow up a little more before they can find out why.  For now, I  have a special tube that goes directly into my intestines for my feedings.  I don't like the tube so I'm working on growing big and strong.

January, 2013  I had some breathing problems and spent the first month of my life in the NICU.  I'm at home now, paving the way for my brother and sister.  I can't wait until we're all together again, I miss them very much.

December, 2012:  Our Mommy & Daddy just got a THREE for one special, we were all born on the same day, six weeks early.  We’re all growing so fast.

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