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DH95 Full Story

Meet Destination Home Family 95

I'm almost 10 months old and have been through a whole lot. Here's my story...

My Mom had a normal pregnancy. All my ultrasounds showed a normal baby. I kicked, and flipped, and did everything a baby does in the womb. Everything changed on my birthday when I came out blue and lifeless. I cried a little and then was swooped away from my Mom. While Mom was recovering from her C-section, the medical team was trying to figure out how to make me better. They told Mom & Dad that I was really sick and needed to go to St. Louis Children's Hospital for specialized care. I only got to see my parents for a short time before I left. A few days later when Mom and Dad got to see me again, the doctors told them that I have cancer. It was a neuroblastoma tumor pushing on my airway that made it hard for me to breath. I've had 4 rounds of chemo, each 21 days apart. I've also had surgery to repair my little heart, a tracheostomy to help me breath, and a G-button to make sure I get all my nutrition. I am getting stronger every day and am SOO close to being able to go home with my family.

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