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We are twin sisters, born at 30 weeks gestation, each weighing 3 pounds. We have been working really hard to learn how to feed on our own so that we can gain weight and grow a little bigger before leaving the NICU. We are both a little over 5 pounds each now. Mom and Dad are so excited to see us getting stronger every day. We will be right around 2 months old when the holidays roll around and we hope to spend Christmas at home with our family.

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I am almost 3 months old and have spent my entire life in the NICU. I've had a lot of problems with digestion and have had multiple surgeries on my bowels, even needing an ostomy for a while. It took the medical team a long time to figure out why my belly wouldn't digest the way it should and my family is relieved to finally have a treatment plan that will help me get home. They found out I have Cystic Fibrosis. I can't wait until the day when my whole family can be together under one roof!

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I was born with a cleft palate. A few days later, I was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence. This was causing my tongue to fall back and block my airway. I have a small chin and was not able to take a bottle. After jaw surgery, I can now eat and breath all on my own! I will still face another surgery but I am doing well and growing stronger, and stronger every day. I was recently discharged from the NICU, and my two big brothers were so very excited to meet me for the first time. Mom and Dad are so happy to have our family together, all under one roof for Christmas.

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