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I was born full term and everything was going well until I was 3 days old. My skin was jaundiced and my bilirubin was an extremely high number. My doctors were worried that something was not functioning correctly with my liver and that my liver may fail. That’s when I went to the NICU for further testing. I spent nearly 1 month in the NICU and we’re still not sure why my liver is acting up. I now have routine blood draws and see a liver specialist but I am overjoyed to be home with my Mom & big sister.

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I was born very early at 27 weeks gestation weighing only 1 pound, 12 ounces. I spent my first month and a half on oxygen, but was just taken off of my vent yesterday! Now, I’m breathing on my own, growing bigger and stronger everyday. I now weigh 2.16 pounds. It’ll be awhile before I am able to leave the NICU. I am learning to feed on my own and need to gain more weight before discharge. I’ll probably be in the NICU for Christmas. I hope to finally meet my big brother at home in January.

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November 2021

I'm almost 2 years old and have come a long way since the NICU! I learned how to crawl about 6 months ago and am very fast! I've been learning how to eat by mouth and get to practice chewing with therapy but I mostly spit it back out. I still have a G-tube to help me get nutrition because of my swallowing problems and I still take a lot of medications. My parents are proud of how strong I am and my doctors, therapists, and care-givers are pleased with my progress!


August 2020

On my birthday, mom had a placental abruption and to save her life, I had to be born- at 23 3/7 weeks gestation, weighing only 1# 11oz. I was very sick and spent the first 4 months of my life with a breathing tube attached to a ventilator. I was 1 month old the first time I was held by my Mom. I am strong and I am a fighter. I’ve overcome so many obstacles and after 197 days in the NICU, I was finally able to go home to be with my family. I get therapies at home to help with my development and I am struggling some with my feedings. Sometimes, I have to be fed through a G-tube but I am growing and thriving at home, I’m 7 months old and weigh 13 lbs now. And, I LOVE being surrounded by the love of my family!

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